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2009-05-24 15:29:35 by CoreView



2009-04-28 03:21:01 by CoreView

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Some songs caus of zerobomb ftw. I'll soon be back with a new song.

I am glad

2009-04-27 04:04:37 by CoreView

That i got top 5 on first submission, but i personally think that the two newest submissions from me are better.

View - Pink Water

View & Mid-night - Future Sunset. <-- collab with Mid-Night.

Bye for now =D

I am glad

Stay tuned

2009-04-19 12:15:47 by CoreView

I will make a remix of "HelthRMX - Breathless".

Stay tuned.

Thanks to my friend's friend OPQC

for making logo.

Stay tuned